How To Develop an Effective Direct Response TV Campaign

Direct Response TV is a longstanding advertising form that asks consumers for direct engagement with the company. While many think that Facebook ads and geo targeting are the only way to go in order to sell their products, studies show that direct response TV can yield impressive earnings for businesses. 

However, like with product development, you must create a strategic plan for this type of campaign, with a vision and goal for the advertisement, rather than a traditional commercial with a CTA at the end. So, how can you get started creating this type of strategy? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Identify your media strategy. For direct response TV, it can be a mistake to think repetition or frequency is the key to success. In fact, studies show that consumers often make the decision to buy a product after seeing an ad as little as one or two times. It is not the frequency, but the reach of your campaign that can make a difference. Find advertising opportunities across all the channels your prospects watch, and more people will be exposed to your ads.
  2. Understand your prospects. During product development, most inventors gain an understanding of who will use their products. By identifying and targeting the right audience, revenue could increase tenfold. Before airing your direct response TV ad, also consider what your audience will be using in order to directly reach your company. For example, if your product is geared toward millennials, ensure your website is optimized for smartphones. Making sure your first touch point (direct response TV ad) and your second screen is synchronized can lead to higher conversion rates and sales. 
  3. Include a meaningful Call-To-Action (CTA). All the best TV ads have an urgent CTA in order to push potential buyers into customers. Research suggests a direct positive correlation between effective CTAs and associated website visits. You want to create the direct message to tell your audience that buying your product RIGHT NOW will improve their lives.
  4. Demand viewer attention within the first five seconds of your ad. From product development to final assembly, you know how interesting your invention is. However, your audience does not. If you do not get the attention of your prospects within the first five seconds of your ad, a sale will not happen. Make your ad exciting and engaging, but also clear and to the point.

No matter what you hear from digital marketers, direct response TV is a lucrative way to advertise. However, a company must develop a media strategy, understand their audience, create meaningful CTAs, and capture viewer attention in order to effectively run a direct response TV campaign.

Trust Innovation Powerhouse To Turn Personal Ideas Into Plethora Of As Seen On TV Products

For those who love to tinker, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with the completion of a project. This type of accomplishment can range from building a model car to improving upon the vehicle in your driveway – the net result is a product that was crafted by your hands as well as your imagination. If we take this drive to the next level, there are plenty of us out there who’ve caught ourselves saying, “If someone would just...” and suggesting an improvement that has yet to be realized. Then one day we’re flipping through channels on the television and happen upon as seen on TV products – only to have an idea very similar to our own now making someone else rich. Don’t let this scenario unfold in your life. There are very good reasons why so many people are looking up as seen on TV product reviews and wondering if the pitch is as good as the payoff. We’ve got good news: It is, and below you’ll find fool-proof advice for getting your brainchild down on paper and eventually store shelves across the globe!

Working with an innovation company is one of the most efficient ways to turn an idea into tangible as seen on TV products. That’s because these multifaceted operations have numerous in-house experts who can guide your idea along. That means assistance with the overall concept of the invention, 3-D prototype printing as well as high-quality manufacturing in facilities that span tens of thousands of square feet. The eventual media marketing, retail placement and exposure via powerhouse sellers like QVC are both good reasons why as seen on TV product reviews can be so glowing. If you’ve ever wondered why products like Copper Chef Cookware, Flex-Able Hose, the Genie Bra and Jack LaLanne Power Juice have earned more than $1 billion in retail sales combined, we’re certain that it’s due to the in-depth planning process.

If you’re worried about knocking out the patent process before going to a product development company for assistance, some of the most trust-worthy companies currently marketing as seen on TV products have staff who can assist with this. According to current estimates from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it could be more than 24 months before you hear back about your patent application if you submitted it in December 2017. Worst of all, you could learn that your idea already exists in an all-too-similar form. Don’t let this hurdle stop you; seek out some of the most trusted innovation operations and starting seeing your idea achieve positive as seen on TV product reviews.

Top Reasons for Product Development

Inventions are what make society continue to move forward. If people stopped inventing new items, products, or services we would get stuck. There’s quite a bit that goes into turning an invention idea into an actual product that can be found on store shelves. One of those processes is known as product development. Here are the top reasons for product development when turning an idea into an invention.

Engage with the Consumer

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing product development when turning an invention into a product is to engage with the consumer. You will want to talk to consumers who will be and won’t be in your target demographic. Figure out what they want in a product like yours and what they don’t need. Interacting with the consumer can go a long way in moving your product from an idea to the store shelves.

Explore Technology

The product development stage of inventing allows you to explore all that technology has to offer us today. You might need to use a piece of technology that you’ve never before used. You might get to be the first to develop a new piece of technology that goes hand-in-hand with your invention.

Get an Advantage

When it comes to inventing a new product or service you will want to gain as much of an advantage over your competition as possible. The more often you offer new products to consumers the likelier it is that you will be at the forefront of their minds. This puts you at a distinct advantage over your competition that simply can’t be beat.

Added Sales

Putting your invention idea through the product development stage can help with added sales for your business. These sales might not come quickly but once they do you will be surprised at how often they hit your wallet.

What Can Invention Companies Do for You?

If you’ve come up with a great idea for a new product or invention, you may be considering turning to invention companies for some help. That’s because these companies that specialize in creation, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution offer services that can quickly turn a new invention into a market leader.

The services offered by invention companies can vary, but here are a few of the ones that are typically provided:

Product Development: The processes of product design and product development are keys to the success of an invention. Engineering teams usually oversee these processes so that they are completed to the highest standards. These engineering teams will work directly with manufacturers in order to move your product from concept to its finished product in no time.

Marketing Content Production: An invention company’s in-house production studio can create television spots and infomercials for clients. These types of marketing can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Print/Digital Design: When it comes to the print marketing for your product, invention companies can help make your layout and design look more professional and appealing to clients or prospective clients. This also goes for digital design, which is becoming increasingly important for the development of products. Well-equipped invention companies should have a marketing team of highly trained designers who can create an eye-catching brochure or design a user-friendly website.

Social Media: Speaking of services that are becoming increasingly popular, social media and its important to product development certainly fits that mold. Invention companies can also take care of this aspect of your product marketing and help your invention get seen by as many people as possible.

Patents: Protecting your idea and preserving it for the future is very important when it comes to product development, and this can be done by securing a patent. Invention companies and their patent experts will obtain a patent for you and make sure your intellectual property is protected.

How to Review As Seen on TV Products

Millions of people purchase quite a bit of items from television shows or commercials. The television ads will continue to run so long as people like to order items via phone or online, which is the most popular method of shopping these days. So, if you decide to purchase a product from a television show or commercial, how do you review the product prior to making the purchase?

Find Reviews Online

It’s understandable that you cannot believe everything you read online, but you should still look for reviews of the product in which you are interested using the internet. A simple search of the product name should bring you plenty of results in forums, on websites, and from consumer groups that test products for safety and other issues.

Talk to Product Owners

If you know someone personally who owns the product in which you are interested you can always speak to them about the product. The best review you can acquire before making a purchase is one from a trusted family member or friend. They will give you their honest opinion of the product, even if they love it but have some issues with it. They aren’t making money on the review and you can verify that it is a real person and not someone spamming on the internet.

Watch Video Tutorials

You can also watch video tutorials online of how to use the product in which you have interest. These videos will show you how easy it is to use the product, giving you a sense of what it will be like to have the product in your home.

Before you purchase as seen on TV products be sure to look for reviews of the product so you know whether or not it is the right one for you and your family.